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Naru hasn't seen Mai since he left for England. A case brings him to a haunted school in Japan that seems to have a sinister secret called 'The 7 Mysteries of the Academy.' Knowing full well that Mai would fall for such a thing Naru high-tails it back to Japan dragging Lin with him. But what happens when the gang find Mai & finds out that she has really grown up over the years along with someone called...Kimi?
7 Mysteries Academy
Chapter 1: Back to Japan

Sunlight filtered through the curtains and seeped into the room, dust being projected in the beam and floating around. There were no birds twittering about or animals chirping, just the faint murmur of the gardeners and other staff in the background rising up every now and then. It wasn't a particularly hot or cold day, but there were grey clouds in the air and a muggy mist fading away on the horizon. Typical English weather. Books were laid about on the floor, some still open from the night before, others in a pile to be stacked back onto the bookshelves. Naru picked up his mug of spiced tea, and inhaled the aroma – it was an invigorating cardamom blend this time, rich and warming for this time of year, although he still placed Earl Grey as his favourite. He brought the edge of the mug up to his lips and drunk it in. It had a soothing effect as it ran down his throat, he brushed his fingers through his hair and massaged his temple along the way, content he placed the cup down on the coaster and stretched his arms above his head with a groan. Satisfied he went back to his computer screen and resumed the monotonous click-clacking on his keyboard. A few minutes later Lin came into the room with a tower of files and loose papers in his arms.

"You didn't knock." Naru stated without looking away from the screen.

"The door was already open Noll."

He just hummed in reply and Lin closed the door.

"Noll, I should warn you Madoka is here."

Naru turned to him, giving him his full, undivided attention. "Hmm? What does she want?"

Lin rubbed the back of his shoulder and replied. "She's with your parents now, but she seemed excited about something."

"Great, if she's speaking to them then we have a while to plan ahead."

At that moment in time the door burst open with a grinning Madoka behind it. The slow paced settlement of the room seemed to have sped up with her presence as she spun into the room.

"NARU! Oh how is my special little boy!? I don't suppose you were planning an escape route now were you ah-ha-ha!?" She belted out with her hands by her cheek as she tilted her head.


"And Linny how are you?" Madoka rushed to Lin and rapidly shook one of his outstretched hands.

Lin just started at the woman in a confused manner. "…Linny?"

"Madoka!" Naru repeated. "State your reasoning for barging in here like this."

Madoka pouted in response. "Oh Naru it's like you don't appreciate my visits!" He said nothing. She smiled. "I have a case for you."

Naru became intrigued as she handed over an international newspaper with a certain article circled with a bright, neon blue highlighter.

"School's Mystery Haunting! Fact or Faux?

Frightened parents keep children from school as they are convinced their children's high school is possessed by multiple spirits. Claims have been made of bodily harm on students (See pictures below) and students being spirited away during the witching hours of this be the mark of Yurei, or just an act to get out of exams, set to start before the Christmas holidays?

Head teacher, Mayuko Ifuku, claims a spiritual presence flicks lights on and off, tampers with electrical appliances, moves posters around the walls and causes the floorboards to creak at Hachioji Higashi Gakuen.

The professor said a popular medium she hired to investigate the property confirmed a 'male energy' at the school grounds. It was during the medium's second visit that he sensed that the spirit wanted to communicate, he said.

'I allowed the spirit to use me as a medium and give any messages through writing. This was carried out in the dark. I sat with paper on my lap and pen in hand in the dark while turning into spirit.

Believers state that the high school may be haunted by Ubume due to widespread rumours of the schools leniency of student's promiscuity. Others insist that this case is due to the work of Zashiki-warashi, and that these meddlesome spirts should be simply ignored.

Teachers have been pleading with students to return to classes and to comfort any worries that may inflict parents, however many of the faculty have been absent since the haunting events have gotten worse. Shinto priests urge students still attending classes to carry Ofuda containing the name of a Kami to prevent further harm.

Official Education Association, acknowledged: 'We are aware of the unusual activities reported by Ms Mayuko Ifuku and have listened to her concerns in a sensitive manner."

"A school haunting?" Naru questioned after reading the report.

"Precisely!" Madoka happily replied.

"This paper is from Japan…"

"Yes, and they need your help Naru."

He paused. "I'll think about it." Madoka pouted.

Lin cleared his throat. "Noll…you've been doing nothing but sitting around here in your room for the majority of the month. Your parent's are only seeing you at dinner these days!"

"Well how unfortunate for them that Eugene's not here to keep them company-"

"-Naru that's enough!"

"I said I'll think about the case!"

"Y'know…" Madoka interrupted. "It's pretty plausible to suggest that, that one friend of yours – Mai was it? – is the medium mentioned in the article?"

Naru exhaled loudly and bridged his fingers on his nose. "Ma…She isn't the medium…she was just an ordinary girl that helped lift boxes. Masako is the medium."

"Ah, so it is."

Just then Naru realised that the group may have seen the article, no they must have. For Madoka to receive the newspaper from England there must have been a delay! And that Mai did have a tendency to get into trouble.

Lin noticed a sudden change in Naru.

"Noll, are you okay?"

"Lin, I've thought about it, pack the bags we're going back to Japan." Naru didn't leave any space for a reply as he hastily retrieved his black jacket from behind his chair and swiftly put it on then left the room shutting the door with a loud slam. Madoka exhaled in content as Lin noticed this and smirked.

"So did that go as you had planned?"

She gasped. "Koujo you old sly dog! I have no idea what you mean (!)"

"Hmm, old? Your only two years younger than I am."

"A woman never ages over 20 Lin, never."

They left the Davis mansion behind and waited outside as Lin hailed a taxi. Naru had a solemn look on his face as he drew up plans on what to do next. Lin tried getting Naru to go back and wait inside the house but he had already made up his mind and had by that time spoke to his parents about returning to Japan. After a few minutes Lin spotted the familiar sight of the black taxi heading for them, as it slowed down to a stop in front of the two men, Lin took this as his cue to open the door for Naru and place the bags in the back of the car.

"Take us straight to Heathrow Airport please, as fast as you can." Lin ordered to the driver who grumbled in response. The drive wasn't a particularly pleasing one nor aesthetic as they had been stuck on the motorway for about an hour. The driver, as a whole wasn't very chatty - just the way Naru liked it. He preferred peace and quiet where he could be alone with his thoughts and Lin knew this from their experiences from Naru's childhood. The rain drizzled down and dribbled down the window panes, Naru stared at the pounding raindrops and recalled a time when he and Eugene had played this particular game during rainy days, he started to stare at one singled out raindrop and watched it sliver down the window glass, he would try to determine the speed and direction of the raindrop whereas Eugene was far more interested in which of the two drops they'd pick would reach the bottom on the pane first in the race. The rain started to dry out by the time they reached the huge airport, he got out first and waited by the entrance of the airport doors for Lin to arrive with the light luggage they brought with them, it was all carry-on luggage so they didn't have the need to place suitcases on the trollies and wheel them around. They both entered through the automatic sliding doors and headed straight for their plane companies desk to receive their pre-booked tickets. The lady who looked like she was in her early thirties happily smiled at them both, showing off her bright white teeth which stood out against her red lipstick, her uniform consisted of a bright red suit that matched her make up along with navy blue trimmings and bold golden buttons on the chest, along with a hat neatly folded on top of her even neater hair bun with the only difference being her hat had white trimmings instead of blue. She had a holly leaf pinned to her right jacket breast which completed the outfit.

"Two adults, Lin Koujo and Oliver Davis." Lin ordered as he handed the woman the correct paperwork.

"Adults, oh my you don't look like an adult sir!" The ticket lady told them surprisingly.

"Check my passport then." Naru replied.

"Ah yes, so sorry about that! So you will be 20 soon?"

"Yes. Now can we just get out tickets now please, we're in a hurry."

"Naru-"Lin warned.

Naru faced him then noted that he did say 'please' before walked off towards the water fountain to take a quick drink.

The lady gave a nervous smile then awkwardly laughed. "Aha, I'll be able to hand you're your tickets as soon as I weigh your luggage." Lin complied and made sure that everything was in order. "Here's your tickets Sirs, you will be at Gate 8 at Terminal 3. There will be a lay-over of one hour and twenty minutes in total."

"That'll be fine ma'am." Lin regarded as he took the tickets and left. He caught up with Naru whom he found staring into a bookstore. The younger man noticed this and quickly faced back to Lin.

"Is it a direct flight or do we have to wait?"

"There's roughly a one and a half hour wait."

Naru simply sighed in response as they headed to the waiting area. During that time Lin opened up his laptop and started typing away whereas Naru preferred doing research by physically touching paper so he had been reorganizing the files and papers he had messed up from earlier on in the morning before Madoka arrived.

When it was time to head towards the gate the two men relaxed and casually strolled towards the gate unlike the rest of the passengers who had begun to run as soon as they heard the overhead announcement as if the process would change their seating order magically get everyone on the plane faster. The duo had nothing to worry about though; after all they had booked themselves into business class. Of course the Davis family had enough to afford a first-class ticket, but Naru preferred being placed in the former class as he would be able to ignore the snobs who deemed themselves better than others, an impression he never got rid of due to his many family parties during his childhood…Of course, he always had his partner to keep him company…back then….

"Flight 105 to Tokyo will be available for boarding in 45 minutes. Please prepare documentation for the gates."

"Naru is there anything you want to get before we board the plane?" Lin asked.


"Hmm…are you sure? I was certain that you were interested at the bookstore…"

"You're mistaken."

"Oh…well..." Lin took in a deep breath and exhaled. "…I suppose you wouldn't mind if we just strolled around then? Seeing as we have time to spare?"

Naru thought about it for a moment before agreeing. By the time they were finished with their purchases it was time to finally board the plane. Once again, as soon as the announcement was made over the tannoy the crowd went crazy. The duo managed to get through the cluster and into their seats. They both belted up and started to relax as the airline staff went through the safety procedures. Naru opened up a book and simply ignored the mind-numbingly safety procedure. Lin watched the sight of the young man in front of him. Naru had grown up from the child he had babysat since childhood right before his eyes, he felt a wave of nostalgia wash over him and felt a sense of proudness at the sight. Naru had always been an unstable child who found it difficult to merge himself with anyone; surprisingly Naru was a clingy child. He remembered warnings from Naru's mother Luella that Naru would often be attached to his older brother and now there he was. Lin had to admit, it was sad to see the sight of Naru without his brother beside him but he was pleased that he was content. Lin had promised the Davis family that he would protect Naru in the unlikely event something would happen to him. Although Naru wasn't a young child anymore - rather he was nearly twenty in a month – he still felt a need to be with him for his safety. He knew Naru more than anyone, and he also knew that Naru could overuse his powers without him to guide him through events. Lin smirked. Oh yes, Naru may have changed but he was still a spoiled child as always. Lin looked down at the book Naru was reading 'TWIN TELEPATHY (2002) Revised Edition – SPR' ...Add still arrogant to that list…Lin thought happily.

'Thank you for choosing British Airways. You are currently on Flight 105 to Tokyo Haneda Airport. We are currently on schedule and can confirm no apparent delays other than our one and a half our layby. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to ask, we would like to again, thank you for choosing our flight!'

Both men started to zone out and fall asleep. The flight was long and noisy but at least there was no turbulence. The breakfast meal on board the flight consisted of freshly baked bread including a selection of madeleines, a traditional British breakfast featuring Cumberland sausages and mature cheddar omelette, for dessert, a chunky cherry compote with Greek yoghurt and 'homemade' granola. The sunrise lit up the plane fully and embellished the food with a bright yellow and purple hue. The next time the duo woke up they were already in Japan, it was night-time and you could spot the streetlights of the roads and lit up windows of the houses. The airline crew were announcing their arrival to Haneda Airport and many people of the plane were slow and groggy after the long sleep.

"Lin where are we headed to after this?" Naru asked from beside Lin, he was rubbing his eyes and looked younger than his age concerning his messed up hair and the plane-provided blanket around him.

"I've already arranged a hotel room nearby, it's the same one from the last time we were here…but this time I want you to contact me if a ghost turns up at your window…"

"Hnn, I'll be fine."

Lin knew he would say this so had already booked the room opposite Naru's. If anything supernatural or paranormal was near Naru he would be able to sense it.

The next day the men had left the hotel room and took Lin's rented car to the town. Shibuya was often busy this time of the day but it had seemed to be one of the calmer days that the duo lucked out on today. The two headed towards the old office where the SPR used to be. Downstairs outside the rented buildings was the café where Naru used to get his meals from. He noted how not much had changed outside the buildings and followed Lin inside. Lin took out the key and unlocked the door with a creak. The hinges had been neglected to been oiled for quite some time. All traces of the SPR was gone, now it's most recent occupant seemed to be a financial company, traces of corporate logos and stickers where left around here and there and there was a layer of thin dust on everything from the tops of the bookshelves to the sofa and chair sets. Naru walked over towards the closed blinds and opened them, in doing so much dust fell off and landed on Naru's black suit. The dust stood out on the dark colour, he hated the contrast and brushed as much off as possible. Lin booted up the computers but they were taking a while to start up.

"Before the office is re-opened we should clean up. We can't have clients seeing this." Naru ordered Lin.

"That's fine; I'll make arrangements to refurbish the office."

'I should have known this space would be rented again and used as something else…' Naru looked around the dusty room with sombre eyes. Many of the paintings and picture frames around the area had been removed but left patches of emptiness around the room. Naru looked at the space where Mai had perched up a Christmas tree in the winter, he remembered how happy she looked when she was decorating and how smug she was after the rest of the gang came in and saw. He had still yelled at her afterwards and made her take it down. 'Maybe I shouldn't have yelled at her like that…' It seemed that without Mai's presence the office seemed cold. Naru walked around the office as Lin started to speak.

"Naru, about the gang, who shall I contact first? It won't be easy to trace everyone now, so we should start earlier than later."

Naru thought about it…it's true, after so long there's no way of even knowing that the group would even still be in Japan. Suddenly he spotted something near the doorway.

"I think I know just the person." He replied as he picked up a flyer that had been in the junk mail pile that had been building up by the door. On the flyer there was a man in a bright green jacket with a cowboy-style hat wearing sunglasses. "We should follow the trail his fangirls have left us."

"What is that?" Lin asked from the computer screen.

"It's a poster from his fan club, it say's where his latest concerts are and its locations. There's one this week we should be able to find him after the show."

"Alright that's one down, who should we track down next?"

"Try to figure out where Mrs Matsuzaki is."

"From our records we know the name of her parent's hospital, I'll head down there and see if there's a nurse under her name. What about you? What will you be doing whilst I'm gone?"

"I'll head up to the school where Masako said she'd be getting into. I remember her drabbling about the entrance exams so I'm hoping she got through and that I'll find her there."

"Alright, I'll meet up with you there as soon as I'm done."

'Horikoshi High School.' That's what the fancy arched sign said. Naru glanced at the high and mighty building supported by pillars. The colossal structure was layered with vast mirrors that mirrored the bright blue sky giving the whole area a rich and vibrant aura. Even Naru was impressed at the sight. Walking closer he noted the smell of a swimming pool and saw a tower building with balcony areas security cameras followed his every step in bunches and it wasn't long until eventually a security team came along and questioned Naru. Naru had known about this school and knew only the super-rich or the super famous were allowed in. Stating his real identity would as always be risky…however the security here was absolute, meaning it was safe enough to mention who he was and not be exposed.

"I'm here as a visitor." He spoke in English to the Japanese guards. "I am Oliver Davis." The guards who were confused at the sight of him at first firmly straightened their backs when they heard the name. They lead him inside and walked him to the front desk; the receptionist, a young, short, woman with a bob hair cut asked who he was in Japanese.

"I am Oliver Davis." Naru replied. The receptionist started speaking in English fluently.

"Ah, hello there Mr. Davis, I have heard of your research, but may I ask what it is you are doing here?"

"My father has requested the help of a certain medium who I was told went to this school."

"I see…well I'm sorry Mr. Davis but classes are in session and we value our pride in keeping the honour vested in our students and see to it that they pass their exams."

"It'll be an awful shame if I was to bring my father – Martin Davis - disappointing news. You see we had hopes to find a chance of happiness at this school…" The receptionist stared at shock at Naru but he kept going on. "-You see." He inched closer to the woman. "-I'd hate to leave a disappointing review about this facility." The receptionist gulped and mumbled something in Japanese (not realising that Naru spoke the language) and started to apologise. An unexpected cold, chill air had filled the place. Naru knew that this school couldn't cover up any bad behaviour and took controversies seriously, if anything happened that changed the status of the school it would be done for.

"Mr. Davis let me offer you a visitor pass, if you would just let me take a note of the student that you are looking for I will personally escort you to their classroom."

"It's Masako Hara"

The receptionist looked through some records on the computer. "Ah yes, her room number is located in a nearby building, if you would like to follow me." She left the desk and dismissed the guards back to their stations. The lady and Naru walked through the entrance building and towards the classrooms, their shoes noisily squeaking against the polished floor tiles, Naru dismissed the boring framed pieces and awards cabinets. A bell started to ring signalising the start of break, students started to pour out of the rooms and fill the corridors, Naru's suit strongly contrasted those of the students but they seemed to dismiss him as quickly as they walked by. They left the main building and entered a courtyard. There was an archway where Naru heard a gentle voice.

"Is…is that really you?"

The receptionist turned around as did Naru.

"Ah Mr. Davis, this is the young girl. Well I will leave you to it then!" She said as she made her exit. Naru noted the look of Miss Hara and saw how much she had changed after so long. She wasn't wearing a kimono, but the same uniform all the female students wore at this school. The nineteen year old wore a white collar button-down shirt with a navy blue blazer with the school badge embroidered on the right breast. She wore a stripy plaid skirt that ended just above her knee with a matching bow tie. She wore knee-high socks that matched her outfit along with some sensible shoes.

"Miss. Hara. It's good to see you again."

"Yes, it's been almost a year since we even heard of you Naru…Tell me how was…" She pondered on what to say; finding his brothers body and heading back to England wasn't exactly a holiday. "…your trip?"

"Everything got sorted out."

"I see." Masako lifted the sleeve of her blazer to cover her mouth as the thought. A habit she hadn't broke out of after all this time.

"So I see you managed to get in then?"

"Ah yes!" Masako's eyes brightly lit up. "My tutors were really great, without them I wouldn't have made it that's for sure." She answered modestly "…But I suppose being a minor celebrity and all had its perks as well! Naru are you re-opening the SPR?"

"Not yet, Lin and I just got here from England. We're still setting things up and grouping everyone back together."

"Well I think I can help you there?" Naru looked at Masako who continued. "Yasuhara is somewhere around here too! Although he got in mostly because of his grades."

"How surprising(!)." Naru replied sarcastically.

Masako jumped at a sudden voice.

"Oh hush now Naru you knew it was inevitable.~" A student came up to Naru and gently pushed on his arm before standing. He had the same uniform as Masako, just in a male version, the only difference being that he seemed to have a coloured pin on his tie, indicating that he had some sort of status in the classroom, most likely a class president.

"Yasu! You said you had a seminar throughout break!"

"Well it was cancelled."

Masako sighed. "Of course it was…"

"Naru, what brings you back to Japan?"

"I'm starting up the business again."

"Oh great, do I get paid this time around or-"


"Well not all of us can live off sponsors-"

"Yasu I don't get sponsored like that! I don't have any celebrity endorsements."

Naru watched as the two bickered in front of him Naru wondered if this is what life would be like for the other younger member of the group.

"Mai should be in college around this time too…"

Yasu and Masako stopped and glazed at Naru.

"Naru didn't you know?" Yasu asked. He didn't reply.

"Mai had to drop out of high school suddenly…I haven't actually talked to her much since. I guess everyone pretty much lost in touch with each other."

"It's true; I didn't even know that Masako or I went to the same school until hallway into the first term!"

Naru didn't seem to like this. "When was the last time you spoke to her?"

Masako tilted her head and wondered. "It must have been during our 19th Birthday party, we had a joint celebration together, we would have sent you an invite but…we didn't know where you were in England."

Yasu spoke up. "Mai did kinda blow out on all of us then though…she was going through a tough time I'm sure but hey- at least she made the party eventful!" They both gave a sad smile.

'Maybe I shouldn't have kept teasing her that she was so stupid.' Naru thought. It would be hard to track Mai down now.

"I can't believe she dropped out…"

"Well…" Yasu started, stretching an arm out behind his head. "She did manage to get her high school certificate, so technically she graduated early, not dropped out."

Naru took the duo's contact information and told them that he'd get in touch once the SPR was available for business. Lin arrived by the end of the school day and came to pick Naru up. On the drive home Naru didn't say a word. Lin mentioned that he had received Monk and Ayako's information and called John but this all fell on deaf ears. Lin drove back to the hotel and told Naru to catch up on sleep from the jetlag as he went back to prepare the office.

Naru decided to take a quick shower. After he came out, just wrapped in a towel he collapsed on his back on the monochrome bed. How fitting that that the décor of the hotel room fitted his mood for the day. He stared endlessly at the ceiling searching for answers as water dripped down his forehead. He brushed his hand through his hair and wiped his soaked hands, he still hadn't dried himself off after leaving the shower and was just now starting to feel the cold chill as he shivered. He panted heavily as water droplets rolled off his chest and abdomen and onto the grey bedsheets. He lazily wiped and patted himself off but succumbed to exhaustion as he retreated back to bed after such a long day, not even bothering to put on any clothes or eat. Only a final word passed his lips as he brought his face closer to the blankets.


7 Mysteries Academy Chp1

(A/N: If you haven't guessed yet, don't read this story if you haven't finished the MANGA of Ghost Hunt, the manga completes the story where the anime dropped and contains many crucial things that were left out, so reading this story will have major spoilers!

Please look and vote on the poll I have for this story on my homepage. So far it seems as though Mai will not be ending up with anyone, if you feel any different vote now! Also Mai will be the last character to be reintroduced into the story, so yes you have a wait before you see her. I can confirm that Kimi will be shown in the story before Mai is.

I'm currently developing a webtoon at the moment but done enough work that I can catch a little break to get back into fanfiction. Plus I kept getting distracted! – Sorry!- but trust me, if you saw the sights there you'd be amazed on how at peace you can become! Also dear readers, thank you deeply for the reviews and PM's during this hiatus, it makes me so happy to know that you guys still care and read my stories. Do keep reviewing as it makes it easier for me to know what you guys want! Readers, I am also thinking of taking a short 2 week holiday in America! Which state should I visit that has good sights and even greater food?

Also on another note – the book Naru was reading is an actual real-life book from the SPR. Not the SPR from the 'Ghost Hunt' manga but an actual real-life Society for Psychical Research founded in the United Kingdom.

The airlines/airports mentioned are real-life, but not the flight number.

The school is based on a real-life school of the same name located in Japan. It's known to host the elite and famous but it's super expensive and strict. Personally I find it more of a prison than a school! For example one of the rules of the school is that you can't have snacks in the building, this is also included during the walk to and from school, meaning once your school day is over and you're heading home, you can't buy a snack or you'll be fined, arrested or expelled. Boys and girls are split, forbidden to talk to each other and have different routes to get to school. Dating and mobile phones are prohibited. It's common for celebs to have bodyguards but they aren't allowed to talk to them at all, and if you want to have your hair dyed you need to fill out a special form and only allowed to temporary dye it. Also, CCTV is everywhere and I mean everywhere at that school! So of course I toned down the accuracy of the school, I'm not writing a prison fanfic here!

If there's anything you're confused about –such as the ages of the cast or the timings - leave a review and I'll answer it! Also please tell me what you liked/didn't like about this chapter! – Other than the wait!- constructive criticism like this helps me upload chapters faster than reviews that only say 'great work, update soon!')


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birthdays Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015
:woohoo: :party: :iconcakelickplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconcakelickplz: :party: :woohoo:

It's September 16th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

:cake: Happy Birthday Godliek :D by elicoronel16  Lily Wishing a Happy Birthday by spring-sky  Happy Birthday, whitemajic by AitamiIkimo   Birthday Dummy by bdaydummyplz

:iconchampagneplz: Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love: :iconchampagneplz:

Happy Birthday Banner 2 by Momma--G

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: LDFranklin
Kirby000 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday! :D :iconcakeplz:
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015
Happy birthday! :D
KreKael Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Keep up the great work!
Jasperinity Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
Happy birthday! :D
birthdays Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014

:woohoo: :iconcakelickplz: :iconballoonsplz: !!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :iconballoonsplz2: :iconcakelickplz: :woohoo:

It's September 16th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!


Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

Birthdays Team
This birthday greeting was brought to you by: hiddendelights
Wreck-ItRalph Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
     :iconthecakeisalieplz:    :iconballoonsplz:  :iconletter-hplz: :iconletter-aplz: :iconletter-pplz: :iconletter-pplz: :iconletter-yplz:  :iconballoonsplz2:   :iconthecakeisalieplz:
     :party: :iconletter-bplz: :iconletter-iplz: :iconletter-rplz: :iconletter-tplz: :iconletter-hplz: :iconletter-dplz: :iconletter-aplz: :iconletter-yplz: :party:
:iconhappybirthdaysignplz: :iconpresentplz::iconbonklers::iconpineappletardplz::iconbummiesplz::iconlaplayplz::iconladrumplz::iconlabeatplz::iconballoonplz::iconpresentplz: :iconhappybirthday2plz:
uarecool22 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014  Student General Artist… the art work you let me borrow :) sorry its so late
TrixieCherry Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Writer
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